[Samba] Again kea DHCP-Server

Owen DeLong Owen.Delong at ff.com
Wed Nov 1 19:02:08 UTC 2023

 <snip> … AND

ISC's dhcpd is now deprecated and all new features etc will only see developer time for Kea.
dhcpd is on life-support.

Sure, it'll probably get patches for a good while yet. There will probably be people still using it for another dozen years or more. But Kea is where sysadmins with forward-looking stances will look to migrate. (And, having been victim of a few really odd bugs in dhcpd [especially in embedded versions] I have hopes that Kea will be better.]

The next time I have any major work on my largest pair, I'm migrating to Kea - and I've already started looking at the details, setting up a lab-environment server to test on etc.

If for no other reason than the utterly clean and easy implementation of HA failover state management in KEA, it’s a huge win over ISC DHCPd.

There are many other improvements as well. I initially hated the steep learning curve of KEA, but I’ve come to really admire the effort and thought that went into it. I generally hate JSON as a choice for human-managed configuration files, but there are definitely worse choices available and once you get a little used to it, it’s not as bad as it could be.

So, yeah - Kea is def where I'm headed for anything other than really trivial/small setups.
Having Samba support Kea sooner rather than later would be good.



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