[Samba] LDAP Account Manager 8.4.RC1 with Docker on Mac and Duo universal prompt support

Roland Gruber post at rolandgruber.de
Sat May 13 09:22:17 UTC 2023


The Docker images support Apple Silicon now. You can also use LAM with 
Duo's latest authentication option: universal prompt.

This is a test release. Please report any issues till 2023-05-26.

Full changelog:





* management of various account types
  * Unix
  * Samba 4/Active Directory
  * Asterisk
  * Kopano
  * DHCP
  * SSH keys
  * ...
* profiles for account creation
* account creation via file upload
* automatic creation/deletion of home directories
* setting quotas
* PDF output for all accounts
* editor for organizational units
* schema browser
* tree view
* 2FA support

Demo installation:

You can try our demo installation online.


Authors & Copyright:

Copyright (C) 2003 - 2023:
Roland Gruber <post at rolandgruber.de>
LAM is published under the GNU General Public License.
The complete list of licenses can be found in the copyright file.

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