[Samba] Samba first time run

Lm Loge lmloge at orange.fr
Tue Mar 28 09:52:48 UTC 2023


I stick to it. You are unpleasant.
I don't want you to answer my posts anymore.
Not here, or on StackExchange, like one or two months ago, where I was 
trying to avoid your answers.
(I was happy, at the end of 2019, the last time I had to care about 
Samba, when Van Belle took care of me with kindness and efficiency 
(within a couple of days the problem was solved). You answered first but 
fortunately for me, Van Belle took the case.)

And if nobody answers my posts anymore, well... that's more your problem 
as a "Samba team" than mine.
Personally, I know I am doing my best, at my level, even if YOU think I 
am "asking such basic things" given I am saying "have some experience of 
using Samba".
It is the case, I have several years of experience with Samba, even if I 
am not good at it.
Which is not entirely my responsibility. Look at the documentation 
available on the Internet: obsolete, dating back from the Samba 3 times, 
not updated, and the wiki which is not practical at all for learning. 
No, it is not practical, sorry: a wiki is not a proper form for a 
documentation or an educational material.

I hope you don't really realize how despising that is to tell such a 
thing to an "OP", as you say.
So, I am telling you.
Especially given the fact that you are, as you say, trying your best to 
help people, with generosity.
What if a "stupid" person needs a certain answer to go on with her work?
Maybe that person is not thinking like you do and should be respected 
anyway, shouldn't she or he?
By the way, we are not "OPs", we are people, hidden behind our 
computers, but still people. I am not a bot.

If I want to install from the sources, as explained in the wiki, which 
is the only documentation I have access to, I do it. (But maybe the wiki 
is not a reliable source of information?).
What type of installation I am doing, should be doing or not, was not 
part of my original question.
I was just explaining what I had been doing so that the forum know the 
context which is mine.
If I hadn't done that, the forum would have asked.

It is not because I am asking a "basic thing", I should give up on the 
choice I have made, because you, and others, think I should go another 
SUPPOSEDLY easier way.
It is not the first time you discuss my choices.
If you don't remember, I do. (And if you have real memory problems, I 
SINCERELY apologize because you can't help it).

I don't trust you. You told me, the other day, with your habitual 
self-importance: transfer your present AD DC FSMO roles to your new DC 
and then demote the old one.
Well, I won't do it because I am 99% sure it will break both old DC and 
the new one. I know it because it happened to me every time in the past 
when I had to deal with you.
I admit I am not good at Samba. Maybe a specialist would do it without 
any difficulty.

By the way, I have the answer to my question.
It was really not that useful to bother me again (with your introductory 
"why???") and provoke my anger.
That's a fact: starting Samba when no provision or join or standalone 
stuff (yes, "stuff": see what a crap I am with Samba) has been made, 
ends up with a failure.
It's not written in the wiki, hence my original question.

As you say, my question was probably basic and only deserved a basic 
answer given with respect.
You should be happy because I you'll have one less person to help in the 
Léa Massiot

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