[Samba] Updating samba version 4.17.5 to version 4.17.6 from Debian backports - armel architecture

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Sat Mar 18 07:08:21 UTC 2023

18.03.2023 01:56, spindles seven wrote:
> On 16 March 2023 20:22 Michael Tokarev wrote:
>> Once you remove my 4.17 repo from your sources.list, apt wont be able to find the
>> right version of samba for bullseye, even if "almost" the same version is available in
>> bpo11.
> Thanks for this.  However, I don't understand this last statement - once I removed your repo from the sources.list.d, the update went through no problem from the bullseye-backports repo.  Can you clarify?

I wasn't clear enough.

If you installed some samba component from my repo, it will be of version
4.17.6-1. If you remove my repo from sources.list and add bpo11 repo
instead, all available samba components will be of version 4.17.6-1~bpo11.
So you wont be able to install any *other* samba component anymore,
because they depend on exact version of each other. So you'll have to
"downgrade" already installed components to ~bpo11 version first, and
only after that you'll be able to install other components from there.

Components - for example, if you installed smbclient but want to install
winbind, or installed winbind without samba, etc.

But looking at the $subject again, I guess this is all moot anyway,
because I don't provide armel architecture in my repository.

Anyway, that's all good now.



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