[Samba] Empty folder deletion issue - Samba 4.15 thru 4.18

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Mar 17 18:46:03 UTC 2023

On Fri, Mar 17, 2023 at 02:43:05PM -0400, CaptainTrips28 wrote:
>   So the filesystem thing is a bit detailed. It's Windows client ----> RHEL
>   Samba server ----> Hadoop data cluster via NFS mount.
>   The backend filesystem on the datastorage is HDFS. It's technically a
>   proprietary implementation of HPE MapR (ezmerald data fabric) but it's
>   just a Hadoop setup at heart.
>   This datastorage cluster is mounted through a provided HPE/MapR loopback
>   NFS agent on our RHEL 7/8 samba servers (which they themselves are using
>   XFS). The NFSv3 mount point for each directory is shared out through the
>   Samba share path.
>   Yes... I know. NFS mount points being shared out through Samba is not
>   recommended. However, we don't have any other option as of current (FUSE
>   isn't supported yet with our encryption agent quite yet). It has however
>   worked relatively issue-free (aside from not being able to use ACL's and
>   some occasional ".nfs silly renames" lock file issues).
>   I've sanitized the smb.conf and narrowed it down to one share (there's
>   multiple, but they all use the same options)

OK, almost certainly it's the NFS mount causing the problem.

Can you try and reproduce on a locally hosted share.

I expect not. Given it's on an NFS mount, we can investigate
but I'm guessing it'll be the telldir()/seekdir() error that
seems to be endemic to NFS mounts.

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