[Samba] Computer Management Event Viewer & Samba

Nick Couchman nick.e.couchman at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 17:44:33 UTC 2023

Hello, all,
I'm using several Samba file servers (Samba 4.16.4 on Rocky Linux 8),
and need to give certain groups the ability to connect via Computer
Management so that they can use the Shared Folders -> Open Files
function to check for file locks and forcibly close them. This is
working fine, except for one relatively minor annoyance - when you
first connect to a Samba server using Computer Management, and then
expand System Tools, there's a hang o several seconds followed by an
error dialog indicating that Computer Management was unable to connect
to Event Viewer:

Computer 'samba.server.local' cannot be connected. Verify the network
path is correct...

etc. After dismissing this I'm able to continue on to the Shared
Folders -> Open Files section without issue, but I'm wondering if
there's any way to avoid this issue altogether to avoid both the delay
and the error message?

I thought maybe adding "eventlog list = Application" in my smb.conf
would help, giving it just enough to be able to connect without
actually going to the trouble of writing any event logs, but this
hasn't changed anything.

Anyone encountered this, and anyone able to resolve it?


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