[Samba] Synology shares not accessible...

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Jun 20 19:29:49 UTC 2023

On 20/06/2023 20:16, Ingo Asche via samba wrote:
> Rowland Penny via samba schrieb am 20.06.2023 um 21:01:
>> Try adding to the bug report.
> Would that be ok even it's happening on a Synology? Just don't want to 
> mess around.

I personally can see no reason not to, at worst your information will be 
ignored, at best you may provide the information to get the bug fixed. 
In my opinion adding something potentially relevant to a bug report is 
always a good idea.

>> I don't think that it is their fault, but we will never know, I don't 
>> think we will ever see what modifications they have made to the Samba 
>> code. However, you do not seem to get the problem with a later Samba 
>> version and the SID S-1-18-1 (which is only mentioned as an 'aside' to 
>> the bug) appears to have something to do with S4U2Self and I think 
>> quite a bit of work has been done on that.
> You're right fault was the wrong word, ment more caused through their 
> changes to Samba.

Oh, I hate email, you never get the context across correctly. what I was 
trying to say was, the problem may be a Samba problem, or it maybe an 
unexpected interaction between the synology code and the Samba, but we 
will never know.

>> It may just be that synology needs to use a later version of Samba.
> As I wrote before, I have set up a member server using Samba 4.15.9 and 
> 4.15.13, the versions they use as a base. And even they worked without 
> problems. So in my opinion it can only be caused through their extensions.

It certainly sounds like it is something to do with whatever synology is 
doing, but who knows ?

> But of course as 4.15 is already EOL a newer version would be better.

The thing is, 4.15.x is still being used by other OSs, even though it is 
EOL from the Samba point of view.


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