[Samba] Synology shares not accessible...

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Jun 20 18:17:53 UTC 2023

On 20/06/2023 18:30, Ingo Asche via samba wrote:
> Hi Rowland,
> to be clear, I'm completely your opinion.
> They had a running 4.15.9(-0619, their own build number), which was a 
> Beta, and the released version (-0632) didn't worked. So for me it's 
> obvious, too.
> I can bring the released version to run with a library from their beta 
> version: libidmap-samba4.so. The reason for this as they wrote:
> "A key difference between SMB packets 0619 and 0632 is whether the ID 
> map needs to verify the SID over the network before converting it to a 
> UID/GID.Version 0619 retains the old Samba method of not doing network 
> polling, but from version 0624 onwards network polling is done." 
> (Translated from German)
> Whatever they meant with "old Samba method"

Perhaps someone else knows what that means, because I do not.

>> Patch what, with what ?
>> Do they not specify or provide a patch ?
>> The bug report you provided a link to is still ongoing, it doesn't 
>> seem to have come to a conclusion.
> They seem to believe the attachments in the bug report are patches which 
> you can install.

That patch is now possibly out of date and may require rebasing on the 
Samba code, there is also the fact that, from your testing on a later 
Samba version, you do not get the problem on other machines, perhaps it 
has been fixed in another way ? What if you fix it so that synology 
machines work and this causes problems for your other machines ?

>> So, it is only the synology machines that have the problem, other 
>> machines against your DC's do not have the problem. To me, that sounds 
>> like the problem lies on the synology machines, or am I missing 
>> something (which wouldn't be the first time).
> I agree. I have three of them. The oldest one with Samba 4.4.18 makes no 
> problems. Their interpretation of Samba 4.15.x makes the problem, except 
> for the beta.
>> Well, it sounds that way to me, but there in lies another possible 
>> problem. If you do have to patch the synology machines, this will 
>> entail patching and building synology's version of Samba, have they 
>> supplied you with the source code ?
> I wanted only to know based on the bug report, is it something, which 
> has to fixed on the DCs or the device which has shows the mentioned bug.
>> I personally wouldn't want to patch my DC's to get a synology product 
>> to work correctly, if doing so could break the rest of my domain.
>> I could be extremely wrong here, but it makes more sense to me, to fix 
>> the 'broken' thing, rather than 'unbroken' things.
> Again, agreed. I think, you're right here, too...
>> I would go back to synology and get them to clarify just what they 
>> would like you to do and how you should do it.
> That I will, I just hoped for some knowledge that will strengthen my 
> arguments.
>> Rowland
> As always, thanks for your answer...

I suppose the question has to be, does anyone else have this problem and 
if they do, are they using synology ?


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