[Samba] PAM Offline Authentication in Ubuntu 22.04

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Mon Jun 19 13:10:41 UTC 2023

19.06.2023 15:49, Rowland Penny via samba пишет:
> I added the parameter/value 'lock directory = /var/cache/samba' to the smb.conf, reconnected the computer to the network and rebooted, the domain user 
> could now logon again.
> I then disconnected the computer from the network again and rebooted, This time, the domain user was able to logon.
> As most of what was in /run/samba is now in /var/cache/samba and survives a reboot, I therefore feel it is a safe assumption that something in 
> /run/samba is required for offline logon, 'gencache.tdb' ?

The file placement in samba smells a bit random. Not only some files needed to be
in a persistent storage (like /var/lib/samba /var/cache/samba instead of /run/samba),
the same is true for the other direction too, eg, sockets directory which is in
/var/lib/samba by default definitely should go in /run/samba/ (this is something I
patched in debian samba).

This stuff needs to be revisited.  There are a few misnomers out there, and some
components uses wrong "classes" of directories too.  Also, ctdb has its own pid
and lock directory settings.

I wanted to bring this up for quite some time but was distracted by something else.

Thank you for finding this issue with offline logon.  I think it should be easy
enough to find by using strace.

The work to review usages of various dirs and to classify them is yet to be done..



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