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Jakob Curdes jc at info-systems.de
Tue Jun 13 21:09:15 UTC 2023

Am 13.06.2023 um 21:57 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:
> On 13/06/2023 15:26, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>> On 13/06/2023 14:07, Marco Gaiarin via samba wrote:
>> Hi Marco, please see inline comments:
>>>   root at dane:~# bash samba-collect-debug-info.sh
>>>   Please wait, collecting debug info.
>>>   nameserver
>>>   samba-collect-debug-info.sh: riga 180: systemd-resolve: comando 
>>> non trovato
>> Your nameserver appears to be set to '' and the script 
>> thinks that systemd-resolved is running, but it probably isn't
>>> Config collected --- 2023-06-13-14:59 -----------
>>> Hostname:   dane
>>> DNS Domain:
>>> Realm:
>>> FQDN:       dane
>>> ipaddress:
>> Hmm, it looks like a dns problem, no dns domain
> OK, I have re-installed Ubuntu 22.04 and I 'think' I know what the 
> problem is, I haven't worked out a fix yet though.
> I have in /etc/resolv.conf:
> nameserver
> options edns0 trust-ad
> search .
> Yes that's right, just a dot for the search domain and I cannot find 
> out how to change it, because /etc/resolv.conf is actually a symlink 
> to another file and I cannot find what writes that file :-(
> It doesn't help that my dhcp server is probably sending the wrong dns 
> domain) (if it is sending it at all)
> My ISP thought it would be a good idea to cripple the router to save 
> them service calls.

Hi Rowland, all,

you can read about the ubuntu systemd-resolved here:


But I tend to deactivate it and turn to the classical setup with 
/etc/resolv.conf .

This can be done by setting



and removing the symlink, replacing it with a traditional resolv.conf file.

You then also  should disable the stub resolver:

systemctl disable --now  systemd-resolved

Hope this helps, Jakob

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