[Samba] [EXTERNAL]Re: SMB1 Domain stopped working after updates quick solution needed

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Jun 12 20:35:57 UTC 2023

On 12/06/2023 21:16, Mark Bannister via samba wrote:
> Excellent.  OK,  I installed:
> sudo apt install winbind libpam-winbind libnss-winbind krb5-config 
> samba-dsdb-modules samba-vfs-modules

Did it actually install the last two ?
I ask it this because I normally just install the 'samba' package and 
get those as dependencies, yet you seemed to have the 'samba' package 
already installed. However, you should be able to run winbind by itself, 
you just get authentication.

You also do not need krb5-config, your PDC doesn't use kerberos, that is 
an AD thing.

> Not sure I needed all that.  Winbind exits after starting.  I see this 
> message in the log.winbindd-idmap.log
> [2023/06/12 15:08:45.470947,  3] 
> ../../source3/winbindd/idmap.c:397(idmap_init_domain)
>    idmap backend rid not found
> [2023/06/12 15:08:45.606645,  3] 
> ../../lib/util/modules.c:167(load_module_absolute_path)
>    load_module_absolute_path: Module 
> '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/samba/idmap/rid.so' loaded

Have you tried restarting all three binaries, smbd, nmbd and winbind ?

> It's been years since if messed with any winbind stuff.  Looks like I'm 
> missing something?

And it has been years since I set up an NT4-style PDC, so a bit unsure.


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