[Samba] Failed to convert SID to a UID

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Jun 12 13:45:29 UTC 2023

On 12/06/2023 14:25, Robert Marcano via samba wrote:

>>> the two commands are on the public question, the pay walled answer is 
>>> about why the name change. It is still useful.
>> To a certain extent, the commands, without the reason why they 
>> changed, will never be as useful as the commands with the reason why 
>> they changed.
> for you, Let others decide what is useful for them or not. That is the 
> only reason I still post in this usually hostile mailing list.

I cannot influence how anyone thinks, I can only post what I think. I 
know that I come across as terse, but that was the way I was brought up, 
don't use a lot of words when one or two will do. I do not think that at 
the age of 67 that I am likely to change.

If you look carefully at what I posted there, I was agreeing with you, 
but I added a rider that without context it is hard to understand why 
the commands changed and if they are actually needed at all. From my 
perspective, they are not required, a Samba Unix domain member worked as 
expected on Rocky Linux 8 & 9 without them, or so my testing has proven 
to myself, others may have a different experience.

 From my testing over the last week or so, setting up a Samba Unix 
domain member isn't that much different whatever distro you use, it is 
the differences in the distros that you have to work around.


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