[Samba] PAM Offline Authentication in Ubuntu 22.04...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at lilliput.linux.it
Wed Jun 7 16:29:23 UTC 2023

Mandi! Eduardo Moraes via samba
  In chel di` si favelave...

> The tests you did with "time" awakened in me the idea of looking for
> something related to timeout related to winbind. Searching the smb.conf
> manual I found the "winbind request timeout" parameter, whose default value
> is 60 seconds. Wouldn't it make sense to adjust to a shorter period?

If i set:

	winbind request timeout = 5

effectively something changed; for example, i can open a gnome terminal
whitout waiting hours, and i was able to re-enable wireless.

Still cache does not work. After shutting down the wireless and 'id gaio'
return 'unknown user' and if i logoff (waiting some minutes...) i cannot
logon back in.

I've also tried to move winbind cache out of /tmp, but nothing changed.

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