[Samba] [External] Re: Trying to build Samba from source on RHEL 8

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Wed Jun 7 05:58:00 UTC 2023

06.06.2023 23:34, Flynn, Garrett S RTX via samba пишет:
> Thank you all for your responses.  Should Samba WAF be able to configure the source in preparation for the build?  I have been building from samba.org source this way for years and it allows me to upgrade in similar fashion when there is a Security update.  Is this a RHEL 8 or Python 3 nuance with the newer versions of Samba.  Should I try to go with an earlier version of Samba and make sure I am using Python 2?


"In RHEL 8, Python 3.6 is the default, fully supported version of Python.
  It is not always installed, however.
  Similarly to any other available tool, use yum install python3 to get it."



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