[Samba] Variable %I is ''

Arnaud FLORENT aflorent at iris-tech.fr
Mon Jul 31 09:45:52 UTC 2023

Hi samba list

since we upgrade to samba 4.16 on ubuntu 20.04 using www.corpit.ru 
repository,  we got small issues with variable substitution in NT PDC mode.

we use "add machine script" to call a script with %u %I

add machine script = /usr/sbin/s-addmachine %u %I

with samba 4.15 , %I value was correct (the IP address of the client 
machine) but with samba 4.16 the value is now

same we used to set

logon script = .%I.bat

and this is not working anymore...

we change method for logon script setting, but we did not find efficient 
alternative for add machine script.

any ideas to correct this please?

IRIS Technologies

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