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Mark Foley via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> escreveu no dia domingo,
16/07/2023 à(s) 07:23:

> I am planning up upgrading my AD/DC from Samba version 4.8.2 to the most
> recent
> version in my Slackware distro which is currently 4.15.13.
> In previous threads in this maillist I was advised that the best route to
> achieve this was to add a 2nd domain controller, then promote that one and
> demote the original. I'm in the process of setting up a 2nd DC to that end.
> I thought I ask questions as I encounter issues, and I've got a couple
> right
> off.
> 1) The howto doc
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setting_up_Samba_as_an_Active_Directory_Domain_Controller#Preparing_the_Installation
> ,
> at the very beginning says,
>   "Verify that the /etc/hosts file on the DC correctly resolves the
>   fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) and short host name to the LAN IP
> address of
>   the DC. For example:
>     localhost
>     DC1.samdom.example.com     DC1
>   The host name and FQDN must not resolve to the IP address or
> any
>   other IP address than the one used on the LAN interface of the DC."
> The current DC (hostname MAIL) has it's /etc/host file set up as described
> above, but what
> about a 2nd DC? Right now, the machine I'm working on to be the 2nd DC
> (hostname
> DC1) uses dhcp and is statically assigned an IP by dhcpd running on MAIL.
> Should the new secondary DC1 also have it's IP statically assigned and not
> use DHCP?
> 2) The next thing the wiki doc says to do is to provision the DC. Will
> doing so
> on this 2nd DC interfer with the current/primary DC?
> My current DC was provisioned with --dns-backend=BIND9_FLATFILE. The wiki
> doc
> says "do NOT use BIND9_FLATFILE, it is not supported and will be removed
> in a
> future Samba version." Given that this machine will be the AD/DC for a
> dozen
> Windows 10/11 workstations, What would be the recommended alternative
> dns-backend?
> That's enough for now!
> Thanks --Mark
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