[Samba] updated samba 4.18 & 4.17 packages for debian & ubuntu to address trust issue with windows 10/11 update 07/2023

vincent at cojot.name vincent at cojot.name
Sat Jul 15 16:47:09 UTC 2023

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I knew the details but I couldn't find 
track of the original work in my emails and since I am only producing rpms 
for the 4.17.z series at the moment, I cheaped out due to scarce time and 
used the 4.17.z patch in your tree so I wanted to thank you too (and of 
Course Stefan Metzmacher).

It's been amazing to be part of the samba community all these years, thank 
you so much for all the great work you do. I'm only a piggybacker who has 
been trying to produce rpms that apply cleanly to RHEL and package up the 
dependencies so that EPEL is not required (it's my own use case and 
perhaps it helps people with similar use cases). I love this kind of 
cross-distribution collaboration - regardless of the recent turmoil caused 
by some corporate decisions, all of us at that company still want to 
keep engaging with the opensource communities.

Thanks again,


On Fri, 14 Jul 2023, Michael Tokarev via samba wrote:

> 14.07.2023 22:20, Vincent S. Cojot via samba wrote:
>>  Thanks Michael for doing this,
>>  I've used your patch ( fix-unsupported-netr_LogonGetCapabilities-l2.patch
>>  ) to also update my RHEL8 packages for 4.17.9 ( [1] ).
> Correction. This is not my patch, this is a patch by Stefan Metzmacher
> (and I kept his name in there in this file), which is available at the
> samba bug about this, see attachment at:
> https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15418
> This is the place where I've got it. It is Stefan who gets credits here,
> not me, and that's the person who should be thanked for it.
> Thanks,
> /mjt
>>  With this patch of yours and these rpms the trusted connection shows up as
>>  'Good' as it was previously. As usual, if anyone's interested in providing
>>  feedback for these rpms, I'll gladly take it.
>>  [1]: http://vince.cojot.name/dist/samba/samba-4.17.9/RHEL8/
>>  Vincent
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