[Samba] ComputerSecureChannel -Verbose False since windows 10/11 update 07/2023

Fabio Muzzi liste at kurgan.org
Wed Jul 12 21:32:52 UTC 2023

>> Good morning! We're also experiencing this issue; although we are
>> NT4 domains and I was reluctant to be the first to report it here
>> for that reason.
> Don't be, knowing that this problem is also affecting NT4-style
> domains probably helps, it means that it is unlikely to have anything
> to do with kerberos, NT4-style domains do not use kerberos.

I'm having issues too with NT4-style domains.

I have 2 very old Samba 3.6.6 and one samba 4.1.17 servers that have been working fine as domain controllers in NT4 mode until today.

Now the clients (win10 with the kb5028166 patch) cannot connect anymore, I get a broken trust relationship error.

If I disconnect the network cable I can logon using cached credentials and it works fine after that (files are accessed just fine).

If I remove the PC from the domain and add it again, the domain add works, I can add it just fine, or at least it seems, but then I cannot logon to the domain anymore.

I also did not bother to ask because I thought that I was an idiot still running NT4 domains... and it seems I am, actually.

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