[Samba] Test-ComputerSecureChannel -Verbose False since windows 10/11 update 07/2023

Samuel Wolf samuelwolf85 at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 12 13:51:50 UTC 2023

Hello Rowland,

> By all means open a bug report, Samba may need to change something to

I don't have an account in samba bugzilla yet.

> get things working again, but it will probably require level 10 logs and
> network traces to workout just what is going on.

What I see when I try to repair the secure channel
(Test-ComputerSecureChannel -Repair) with log level 5/6:

[2023/07/11 23:02:11.348659,  3]
  schannel_store_session_key_tdb: stored schannel info with key
[2023/07/11 23:02:11.348684,  1] ../../librpc/ndr/ndr.c:668(_ndr_push_error)
  ndr_push_netr_Capabilities: ndr_push_error(Bad Switch): Bad switch
value 2 at librpc/gen_ndr/ndr_netlogon.c:7652

But, I don't know this was the same output with an older windows patch
level, so maybe useless.


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