[Samba] Samba 4.17.8+dfsg-2 (Debian 12) | Test-ComputerSecureChannel False | no RDP access after july update

michael.groh+samba at minad.de michael.groh+samba at minad.de
Wed Jul 12 10:37:06 UTC 2023

Hello Samuel,

i have exactly the same problem. After the Windows Server 2022 VMs 
rebooted after Microsofts July Patches, both VMs have lost their 
domain-trust. I am using Ubuntu 22.04, so my Samba version is 

On those Machines, eventlog shows NETLOGON with the event-ID 3210, the 
"Test-ComputerSecureChannel" shows False and -Repair also does not work. 
Even removing and rejoining those servers from the AD will not fix this 

On one of the machines, i removed the updates and everything started to 
work again. Also, there are some Windows 11 clients in my AD that will 
not let me connect via RDP - and WinRM does not work, so i can't use 
ansible to remove those updates.

Maybe this is worth escalating?

Thank you for your work,

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