[Samba] Cannot access PDC shares via alias name

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Jul 6 16:18:17 UTC 2023

On 06/07/2023 16:16, Antonio Trogu via samba wrote:
> Hello,
> I needed to replace an old Samba AD PDC with a new one, so I've 
> installed the new one (Ubuntu 20.04 + Samba 4.15.13 from Ubuntu 
> repository), joined it to the AD domain, demoted the primary, then 
> removed it.

I got totally confused the first time that I read the above, I had to 
read it a few times before I fully understood it. The reason being, on 
first scan I thought that Antonio was trying to join an NT4-style PDC to 
an AD domain, which isn't the case. What he is trying to do is replace 
an AD DC that currently holds the PDC_Emulator FSMO role.
There are no such terms as 'PDC' and 'primary' associated with AD, all 
DC's are equal (apart from the FSMO roles and they can be on any DC)

Sorry if that sounds like preaching, but it is just the way (along with 
a lot of others) that I see it.

> All steps have been done following the Samba official howtos:
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Joining_a_Samba_DC_to_an_Existing_Active_Directory
> and
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Demoting_a_Samba_AD_DC
> and every one after having tested the previous one's success.
> Afterwards, to avoid needing to change all DNS and printers settings on 
> the clients, I've added the old PDC's IP and name to the new PDC. 
> Samba's DNS is now correctly answering on both IPs, while share access 
> from Windows clients always fails for wrong credentials. From a linux 
> client with smbclient instead the shares are accessible.

I hope that you are running more than one DC, if you are, I would have 
transferred all the FSMO roles to another DC, demoted the original DC, 
cleaned up its meta data in AD and then used the same name and ipaddress 
for the new DC, joined it to the domain and then transferred the FSMO 
roles back again.

If you don't want to do that, you should use a CNAME.


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