[Samba] Log errors on domain member

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Jan 31 19:27:35 UTC 2023

On 31/01/2023 19:14, Peter Milesson via samba wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> I don't see any reason, that the 11025 computer account should have any 
> unix permissions on the server whatsoever. The server is setup using 
> Windows ACLs exclusively, no unix or posix acls or permissions involved 
> at all. There should be no unix access for client machines, not for 
> users either BTW, and if Samba complains, it's a Samba bug. The path is 
> obviously accessible by the domain users through Samba, otherwise their 
> Windows environment wouldn't work (of which I would be very quickly 
> informed).
> Best regards,
> Peter

The problem with computers in AD domain is that they are just users with 
an extra objectclass, so, as far as Samba is concerned, they are users.
In an ldap search you can filter them out, perhaps Samba needs to do 
this as standard, unless they need to be a user (for some unknown 
reason, some people do want this). Of course this may be what is 
supposed to happen (don't ask me about 'C') and something has gone wrong.


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