[Samba] ctdb samba and winbind event problem

Björn Baumbach bb at sernet.de
Mon Jan 30 15:11:03 UTC 2023

On 1/30/23 13:53, Stefan Kania via samba wrote:
> Am 30.01.23 um 11:53 schrieb Martin Schwenke via samba:
>> On Mon, 30 Jan 2023 09:33:49 +0100, Stefan Kania
>> <stefan at kania-online.de> wrote:
>>> Am 27.01.23 um 18:15 schrieb Björn Baumbach:
>>>> allow unsafe cluster upgrade = yes
>>> That dosn't fix the problem, still not running
>> Nothing in the Samba logs?
>> peace & happiness,
>> martin
> We now replaced the Ubuntu servers with Debian reconfigured everything 
> now it's running . So having Ubuntu and Debian together with 
> Sernet-Packages in the same cluster might be a problem.

I've test cluster running 10 different distributions without any 
problems. So generally this works and I do not see why it shouldn't work.

If you have some log files (from the time the problem occurred) it would 
be great if you can provide them. You can also send them to me privately.

Best regards,

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