[Samba] System Requirements for Samba?

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Mon Jan 30 07:11:50 UTC 2023

On 1/29/23 19:08, Rob Campbell via samba wrote:

> I have an old FX-6300 with 32Gb RAM.  Is that enough to run 3 servers, 1
> host and 2 vms for home use only?

I bet so.

FWIW (and knowing this is not an answer to your questions) a customer of 
mine, with a very small office, has a Pentium G4400 with 4GiB of RAM, 
running FreeBSD with (among other things) one jail for DC and one jail 
for fileserver.
I've been telling him he need to change that hardware for several years, 
but, while suboptimal, it works.


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