[Samba] System Requirements for Samba?

Peter Milesson miles at atmos.eu
Sun Jan 29 18:53:27 UTC 2023

On 29.01.2023 19:08, Rob Campbell via samba wrote:
> This was my reference
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Operating_System_Requirements
> I need to rebuild my system due to package corruptions and unintentionally
> "upgrading" to sid from bullseye, I figured I'd take this time to do things
> right.  Although this is only for home personal use, everyone keeps saying
> that I shouldn't run my file server on my DC so I want to build a minimal
> server to host 2 vms, one for the DC and the other for the file server.
> I have an old FX-6300 with 32Gb RAM.  Is that enough to run 3 servers, 1
> host and 2 vms for home use only? I have separated partitions but I have
> also segregated data.  My data for my file server is spanned over 2 drives
> and / and /home is on another [currently].  I suspect I will add the data
> as storage to the file server vm along with a portion of the other drive
> for / and /home and the DC will only have / and /home.  If Debian
> requirements is 10GB HD and 2GB RAM, how much more is needed for Samba DC
> and how much more is needed for Samba file server?
> *Debian System Requirements*
>     - Minimum RAM: 512MB.
>     - Recommended RAM: 2GB.
>     - Hard Drive Space: 10 GB.
>     - Minimum 1GHz Pentium processor.
> Oct 19, 2021
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> <https://www.tecmint.com/debian-installation-guide/>
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Hi Rob,

I scrapped my FX-6300 with 16GB of RAM a little more than a year ago. 
Basically, it was a virtualization server running Xen (CentOS 7.9), and 
then I had a few VMs permanently running: mail server with Postfix and 
Dovecot (Slackware based), Samba AD-DC based on Debian Buster, Samba 
file server (2TB storage), also based on Debian Buster, Windows 10 
(light development for barcode equipment). There were still a few Gbytes 
of RAM free for a Linux Slackware VM, or a Windows XP x64 installation.

So, with your 32 GB of RAM, no problem really. But since I replaced that 
rig with a new one (AMD Ryzen 7 5700G), I have been saving about 20% on 
my electricity bills. My home server is running round the clock, and the 
FX-6300 is quite power hungry.



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