[Samba] Files suddenly go readonly

Greg Dickie greg at justaguy.ca
Wed Jan 18 20:13:02 UTC 2023

Hi Peter,

Appreciate the reply and I agree but this machine is doing a lot more than
just samba and migrating it at the moment is just not feasible.


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> On 18.01.2023 17:38, Greg Dickie via samba wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Running samba 4.10.16 on CentOS7. It's a fileserver but with a split
> > personality. For everything UNIX authentication is NIS (I know ;-) but
> for
> > samba we authenticate to AD and all users have the same uidNumber &
> > gidNumber as they do in NIS. This has been working fine but now I have
> some
> > users who suddenly lose write access to their files, sometimes. One user
> > has 2 workstations (1 works always, the other exhibits this issue so
> maybe
> > a patch on the workstation?). When this happens IF I give their files
> group
> > write permission they are good again. Does this ring a bell? I have a
> level
> > 10 debug of an ACCESS_DENIED test but nothing in there looks obviously
> > wrong until the ACCESS_DENIED so I can't see why.
> >
> > Tried to rebuild a newer samba version but CentOS seems to not like it.
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> > Thanks,
> > Greg
> >
> Hi Greg,
> I had the same problem with a CentOS 7.9 box, same Samba version, just
> until a few days ago. I set up a new server with Debian Bookworm (OK
> Rowland, I know, it's not released yet), and Samba 4.17.4. Those
> problems are gone after migrating to the new server. Rowland pointed out
> some unnecessary lines in my smb.conf, for which I'm most grateful.
> I'm using the rid backend in the old server, and the rid backend with
> the same ID ranges in the new server. I transferred most of the data
> files to the new server with rsync a couple of days ago. I made some
> minor adjustments with RSAT to the share permissions according to the
> current documentation and Rowland's suggestions, and that was really
> all. Everything is up and running without any problems at all. The
> coming weekend I'm going to move the user profiles to the new server.
> In my case, the old server was really past EOL, which gave me an
> excellent opportunity to make the switch.
> I have had several servers based on CentOS (still have a couple old
> ones), but the direction the RedHat world is going, is just deviating
> too much from mainstream Linux. About 4 years ago, I started to migrate
> servers to Debian, or install new ones for different purposes. IMHO
> Debian is middle ground between ultra conservatism (RedHat previously,
> now quirkiness), and bleeding edge (Archlinux). I have also tried to
> upgrade Samba in the CentOS boxes on several occasions (building from
> sources), but it's not worth the trouble. The amount of work is just too
> much. It doesn't make sense.
> I hope this information can shed some light on your problems, and the
> background for a sensible remedy.
> Best regards,
> Peter
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Greg Dickie
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