[Samba] Building samba 4.17.4 on CentOS7

Greg Dickie greg at justaguy.ca
Wed Jan 18 16:30:55 UTC 2023

Hey Rowland,

  I agree with you about CentOS but this is a production file server that
has been bullet proof until now and upgrading at the moment would be a big
deal, we are switching to Ubuntu (not quite Debian but close ;-) for all
new servers and will eventually do this one too. I thought it should
build (SerNet builds it). I'll create a new post with this problem I'm
seeing, maybe it's just a config issue but I thought chasing it in the
latest version made more sense...


On Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 11:24 AM Rowland Penny via samba <
samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> On 18/01/2023 16:02, Greg Dickie wrote:
> > Ok now, but did 4.10.16? I was just trying to rebuild their source RPM.
> OK, Samba first started using python 3 at version 4.10.0 , but you could
> build Samba with python 2 if you ran '.configure' and 'make' like this:
>    'PYTHON=python2 ./configure'
>    'PYTHON=python2 make'
> Samba 4.11.0 did not come with runtime support for python 2, but you
> could still build it as above
> Samba 4.11.0 required a minimum of python 3.4, which was raised to 3.5
> as Samba 4.12.0 and again to python 3.6 at 4.13.0
> Python 2 was removed from samba at 4.14.0 and a minimum of python 3.6
> was then required.
> That's the facts, now my opinion:
> Centos is now dead, red-hat bought it and basically shut it down, so why
> continue to use it ?
> Have you considered using Debian ? Right from the start of Samba 4 it
> has been easier to set up Samba on it. If you use Debian 11 and Samba
> from backports, you get (at the moment) the latest version of Samba 4.17.4
> Rowland
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Greg Dickie
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