[Samba] problems with sysvol aft

Thorsten Marquardt Marquardt at koehler-bracht.de
Wed Jan 11 12:35:53 UTC 2023


I plan to upgrade/replace my somewhat crippled and outdated samba 4.7.4 
domain controller. The OS is an openSUSE-Leap-42.3 which had no packages 
for a samba-ad-dc. These packages have been introduced in successor 
openSUSE releases starting with Leap-15.0. Leap-15.0 comes with samba 
4.7.11. So I set up a new Leap-15.0 host and joint it as a dc 
controller. I set up the sysvol replication (rsync), transfered the fsmo 
roles to the new host and switched replication source and target. 
Everything apeared to run fine for the moment but if I stop samba on the 
old server I'm getting trouble with the sysvol-share and I can't access 
the gpo via the windows Group Policy Management Console. The console is 
telling me that the old host is still the base domain controller for my 
domain wheras samba-tool fsmo show lists all roles are served by the new on.
My plan for the future is to demote the old dc, upgrade the new one step 
by step (Leap 15.0 ->15.1 (samba 4.9.5) -> 15.2 (samba 4.11.14)-> 15.3 
(samba 4.15.12) -> 15.4  ) and finally to set up a new second dc for 
failover purposes.

What can I do get these problems fixed?

Thanks in advance.


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