[Samba] msdfs proxy and subfolders

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Jan 5 18:58:10 UTC 2023

On Thu, Jan 05, 2023 at 01:28:55PM -0500, Nick Couchman via samba wrote:
>Hello, everyone,
>I'm seeing some inconsistent behavior across SMB clients when
>configuring shares using the "msdfs proxy" parameter, and was hoping
>to get some advice from the community on this. My issue is that
>various SMB clients seem to behave differently when this parameter is
>pointed as a path that includes a sub-folder under the root share.
>So, given the following share configuration:
>    comment = My DFS Proxy Share
>    msdfs root = yes
>    msdfs proxy = \fileserver1.example.com\shares\share1
>I see the following behavior:
>* Windows: Windows clients accessing this \\dfsserver\share1 path see
>the intended destination - the contents of the
>\\fileserver1.example.com\shares\share1 folder.
>* smbclient (4.15.12): smbclient stops at the root share, so
>connecting to \\dfsserver\share1 via smbclient shows the contents of
>the \\fileserver1.example.com\shares folder.
>* SMBJ: The SMBJ client behaves similar to the smbclient
>implementation, stopping at the root share.
>* Mac: The MacOS SMB client appears to behave similar to Windows,
>traversing all the way to the share1\ folder.
>* Linux mount.cifs: Mounting on Linux with mount.cifs works similar to
>Windows and Mac, where the mount ends up showing the contents of the
>share1\ folder.
>If, instead of using "msdfs proxy", I create a /shares folder and use
>the symlink method to create a link to
>msdfs:fileserver1.example.com\shares\share1, that link is evaluated as
>I intended, showing the contents of the share1 folder.
>So, given the variety of behavior, my questions are:
>* Is using the "msdfs proxy" parameter to point to a sub-folder of a
>share considered poor practice, against standards, etc.?
>* Would the behavior of smbclient and smbj be considered a bug, or the
>intended/correct behavior?

Looks like a bug in smbclient to me. Can you log a bug
and I'll follow up. Thanks !

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