[Samba] Domain members not matching

Mark Foley mfoley at ohprs.org
Tue Jan 3 19:04:48 UTC 2023

When I run samba-tool group listmembers "Domain Computers" I get a (correct) list of domain

However, when I look at Active Directory Users and Computer on a Windows 10 workstation, I get
a similar, but different list. Some which appear on the samba-tool list are missing altogether,
some have different names and some on the WIN10 list are not on the samba-tool list (nor should
they be).

Any idea why the mismatch? The samba-tool list is correct. The WIN10 list is not.

Normally I remove a domain member via the ADUC program, but the member I want to remove now is
not listed there. It is listed with samba-tool. How do I remove a domain member using


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