[Samba] Unable to add Point and Print printers to clients with Windows 8.1 and up

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Feb 26 15:31:12 UTC 2023

On 26/02/2023 15:08, Thomas Keppler via samba wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I can finally ditch Windows 7 in my Samba AD DC based setup. unfortunately, adding printers from my Samba-based print server (separate server, member in the domain) does not work.
> My print server shows up fine on Windows 8.1[1] and Windows 10, all printers are there and even copying the driver seems to complete successfully.
> However, right in the very last step when it configures the print queue, I'm getting this error:
> 	A policy is in effect on your computer which prevents you from connecting to this print queue. Please contact your system administrator.
> Now, I _am_ the systems administrator and I can't remember setting any such policy :^)
> Joking aside, of course, I've followed the GPO recommendations the Samba Wiki provides[2]. I've also tried a more recent driver[3] and adding the requested policy to the default domain policy to aid in application.
>  From what I can see in the client's registry[4], the GPO is applied as desired. No obvious errors are present anywhere. Searching the Samba mailing list brought me to other fitting entries[5] with Sharp printers, but those hints couldn't resolve my problems. I've double checked my DNS settings and I've confirmed to have proper Forward and Reverse Lookup Zones.
> I'm using Samba 4.13.13-Debian on Debian 11.6 on all Samba systems.

I suggest you use Samba from backports, this will get you a Samba 
supported version (4.17.5)

> Any help, pointers or experiences that could help me resolve this issue (or at the very least, to understand what's actually going on) would be deeply appreciated.
> Thank you.
> --
> Sincerely
> Thomas Keppler
> P.S. My setup is still almost the same as it was in 2017[6], except that I followed Louis' advice[7] and my fileserver is doing WINS now.

Windows seems to be having a lot of problems with printers at the moment 
and it seems to be suggested you remove printer drivers etc and 
reinstall everything again.


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