[Samba] Van Belle Packages & Samba 4.15

Marco Shmerykowsky PE marco at sce-engineers.com
Wed Feb 22 15:33:24 UTC 2023

On 2/16/2023 12:09 PM, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> 16.02.2023 19:34, Marco Shmerykowsky PE via samba пишет:
>> As I recall (& maybe I'm wrong), with the Van Belle packages
>> you did not need to specify each package - "upgrade samba"
>> did the trick.
>> With the backports it seems you need to specify each
>> of the packages.  How do you know you got everything selected
>> so that you don't end up with problems.
> I think I replied to this multiple times. Debian Backports archive
> contains everything which has been backported. You don't want to
> install everything from bpo, you only want to install selected
> parts of it (eg samba).  For this reason, bpo archive has
> "NotAutomatic" tags (see man apt_preferencs).  So when installing
> something from bpo, you have to tell apt to install from bpo,
> like this:
>    apt install -t bullseye-backports samba
> Once installed, it will keep everything updated from bpo automatically
> (this is what "ButAutomaticUpgrades" tag is for, in the same manpage).
> /mjt
Understood on the behavior of the backports.  The intent of the
question was does every component installed when configuring
samba need to be from backports (ie  apt-get install acl attr samba 
samba-dsdb-modules samba-vfs-modules winbind libpam-winbind 
libnss-winbind krb5-config krb5-user dnsutils) or just the package 'samba'.

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