[Samba] idmap ad question

Vaughan, Robert J vaughar2 at gdls.com
Mon Feb 13 18:54:09 UTC 2023

> I should mention, I can ssh into the server using my AD creds and the one test share I setup also maps fine, so it all seems to be working, was just curious why 'getent passwd' does not show AD accounts

>>Provided that the users you want to be visible to Unix have a uidNumber 
>>attribute containing a unique number inside the 225-999999 range and 
>>Domain Users has a gidNumber attribute with a number inside the same 
>>range, it should work.

Yes and yes, and does not work

>>For it to work, it also depends on /etc/nsswitch.conf being set up 
>>correctly and the winbind links being set up. You have not told us what 
>>OS you are using, but if this was Debian, it would require the 
>>libnss-winbind and libpam-winbind packages. To configure 
>>/etc/nsswitch.conf, you need to add 'winbind' to the 'passwd' and 
>>'group' lines.

nsswitch.conf has 'files winbind' for the passwd, shadow and group lines

What does it mean 'winbind links set up'?

OS is Red Hat 7.  Any idea in those packages if I might be missing something?

>>You could also try running 'net cache flush' just in case it is a cache 

Yes tried that a few times now with no luck

Robert Vaughan

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