[Samba] SMB1 Windows API FindFirstFile broken for DFS

Kenneth Hagin kenhagin at pobox.com
Thu Feb 9 16:30:45 UTC 2023

I have Samba on openSUSE Leap 15.4.  I have a legacy Windows 2003 computer
(WHS v1) on my network.  At some point in openSUSE updates (even before
15.4), my ability for WHS to browse DFS links on openSUSE broke.  I also
have Windows 2008 and Windows 10 systems which continue to work as expected.
I recently discovered that the source of the problem is that the Windows API
FindFirstFile no longer works on a DFS link.  It works fine when accessing
the target share directly.  *ALSO*, I can access a file on the DFS link if I
use the filename directly, example "copy \\samson\dfs\data\test.txt
<file://samson/dfs/data/test.txt>  .", avoiding usage of FindFirstFile.  I
realize this is SMB1, which is deprecated, but I'd really like to fully use
my WHS system as long as possible (it's not open to the Internet) for
backups and such.

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