[Samba] Group members via LDAP

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Feb 9 08:16:59 UTC 2023

On 08/02/2023 22:32, Troels Arvin via samba wrote:
> Hello,
> Rowland Penny wrote:
>> Why was the primaryGroupID changed ?
> That must be a consequence of the users not having "Domain Users" as 
> primary group.

I will ask that in another way, why is your users primary group not 
Domain Users ?

>> If you are running a Samba AD DC on Fedora using the Fedora Samba 
>> packages, then you are using MIT kerberos, which Samba has marked at 
>> experimental.
> Ah, OK. This particular setup is not an important production 
> installation. It's a setup to learn what is likely to be possible in a 
> production setup in the future.

In which case, I suggest using Debian, that will get you Heimdal based 

>>> The LDAP client is also Fedora 37, Samba client version also 4.17.5; 
>>> this host is joined to the Samba AD domain using "realm join ...".
>> This is, in my opinion, the wrong way of joining, you should have used 
>> 'net ads join'.
> I thought "realm" does more, when you want the Linux host to be well 
> integrated into the AD using SSSD. I could be wrong.

Yes, you are wrong, if you are using Samba, then I would suggest using 
the Freeipa tools is a bad idea.

>> Where are the shares ?
> The DC server has no shares. There is another server in the setup which 
> exports directories in the form of NFS and SMB shares.

A DC always has two shares, sysvol and netlogon.

>> I will not comment until I know why you have removed everyone from 
>> Domain Users, there is probably a good idea why this was done, but I 
>> cannot think of one.
> In the setup, there are some Linux hosts joined with the AD. On the 
> Linux host, it's nicer to have a simple, short, non-space-containing 
> group name as the primary group, I thought. But if it results in all 
> sorts of trouble, then I suppose it was a mistake.

I think I understand this now, you want to use AD, but in Linux terms 
i.e. make it work with Linux
I suggest you stand that on its head and make your Linux work with AD.

> As you may have seen in another mail in this thread, I've found a way to 
> get a complete member list, even though it requires me to iterate 
> through all groups explicitly asking for primaryGroupToken.

There are numerous ways of getting group members, it just depends on 
Samba and AD being used correctly.


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