[Samba] Can't change directory owner

Andrea Cucciarre acucciarre at cloudian.com
Tue Feb 7 12:23:32 UTC 2023


I am struggling to change the owner of directories in Samba share, from a
windows client.
In the Samba logs I can see the following error message:

[2023/02/06 13:23:31.624803,  3]
  chown New folder, 11150, 4294967295 failed. Error =

This points to the try_chown() in samba code, and as far as I can see it
should allow the chown if the user has the SeRestorePrivilege.
>From windows I have added the SeRestorePrivilege to that user, and actually
it seems samba can see it:

# net rpc rights list 'DOMAIN\user' -S X.X.X.X -U Administrator

So I can't understand why Samba doesn't recognize the SeRestorePrivilege
when handling a chown.


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