[Samba] AD DC DNS forwarder question

Peter Milesson miles at atmos.eu
Sat Feb 4 07:58:37 UTC 2023

On 03.02.2023 22:24, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> On 03/02/2023 21:12, Peter Milesson via samba wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I have set up a 3rd DC in my domain, as I'm going to decommision old 
>> stuff, and bring everything up to date. Everything seems OK so far.
>> According to the Wiki, the DNS forwarder should be set in smb.conf. 
>> Should I set it in smb.conf on every DC?
>> Is it not possible to use the RSAT-tools and set forwarders in the 
>> domain? That to me would seem the most logical.
>> Best regards,
>> Peter
> If you are using the internal dns server, then you need to set the dns 
> forwarder(s) in each DC's smb.conf, that is where the server expects 
> to find them. If you use Bind9, then the forwarders go in the 
> named.conf files, because that is where Bind9 expects to find them. I 
> wouldn't know where Windows puts them, but perhaps, where ever it is, 
> it is somewhere were the Windows dns server expects to find them.
> Rowland
Hi Rowland,

Thanks for the information. Windows forwarders are set with the 
RSAT-tool suite under DNS. It would be great to be able to set it there 
for Samba also, just to make configuration tasks agnostic. But I guess 
it's not a development priority ;-)

Best regards,


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