[Samba] winbind for nsswitch, without AD membership

Ralph Boehme slow at samba.org
Thu Feb 2 12:47:55 UTC 2023

On 2/2/23 12:23, cYuSeDfZfb cYuSeDfZfb wrote:
> Thanks for the useful parameter. I implemented it in my samba config,
> but the script is never called from samba, instead the logon is denied

the exact mechanics escape my mind, but I noticed that in one place 
where we hook the script we only do it if winbindd is *not* runnning. So 
since you're running Samba as a standalone server, running without 
winbindd might work to some extent.

Alternative iirc the script is also called if you run pdedit or smbpasswd.


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