[Samba] Using separate packages for a DC

miguel medalha medalist at sapo.pt
Wed Feb 1 11:40:30 UTC 2023

>>> It certainly would be nice to have distinct 'smb.conf' and 'samba.conf' files.
>>> Each one would have its own manual page containing only the parameters that apply to each case, AD DC and regular file server.
>>> The current situation, mixing parameters that apply and don't apply to a DC is somewhat confusing to many users.
>> A transition period could be implemented, during which the 'samba' daemon would read its configuration from both 'samba.conf' and 'smb.con',
>> in this order of preference, until at a certain point the use of 'smb.conf' by the AD DC would be discontinued.

> I cannot ever see this gaining traction, for one, how long would the 
> transition period be ? To give some context to this, Samba has some 
> deprecations going back years.

I don't see any big disadvantage in implementing a transition period. Things will never get better if we fear a temporary inconvenience. It's simple: if there's a 'samba.conf' file present, use it, otherwise revert to 'smb.conf'. Which problems would you expect from this?

Anyway, it was just an idea, make with it what you think is better. I noticed, by the answers to this mailing list, that there is some confusion about which parameters should be used on an AD DC and which ones should not.

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