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Jones Syue 薛懷宗 jonessyue at qnap.com
Mon Aug 21 10:08:42 UTC 2023

Hello Miguel,

> I found that this problem disappears if you connect using the FQDN before
> the username. For example:

Looks cool, like anotner workaround to way around this issue :)
Just a guess not quite sure: using FQDN as a prefix domain name might go 
throuhg an alternate way like kerberos even if the ntlm pass-through by 
broken secure channel is failure. 

What kind of adress does rdp input to reach the remote PC?
a) using ip address, something like '',
b) using UNC it is a PC's netbios name or hostname, like 'Jones-W10-PC'


Jones Syue | 薛懷宗
QNAP Systems, Inc.

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