[Samba] ...or howto change vfs_acl_xattr options inplace without changing access rights

Sebastian Neustein sebastian.neustein at arc-aachen.de
Fri Aug 18 07:55:49 UTC 2023

Sebastian Neustein wrote:
> I have to migrate our data from one old samba server to a new one. Due 
> to various reasons we had to change some settings. Now I struggle to 
> get the acls right.
>  Previously the acls were stored via posix and extended attributes, 
> now they are stored only in extended attributes

With the default settings of vfs_acl_xattr samba takes posix acls into 
account when delivering data - how can I activate
"acl_xattr:ignore system acls = yes"
without loosing the information saved in posix acls? Background: our 
future file system won't be able to support acls.

Is there a way to migrate all acl information from the posix acls into 
the extended attributes? I have an inkling that I read at some stage, 
that vfs_acl_xattr deletes/overwrites the extended attributes once the 
posix acls are changed. Is there a way to trigger that on cli?

The idea is to change these settings on the old server before copying 
the data to the new server. I hope to be able to use rsync for the 
migration then.

Thanks you for any help with this!

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