[Samba] Updating samba with bookworm-backports

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Aug 17 10:23:30 UTC 2023

On Thu, 17 Aug 2023 13:06:07 +0300
Michael Tokarev <mjt at tls.msk.ru> wrote:

> 17.08.2023 12:53, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> > Well, now I am confused, the build page seems to say that the Samba
> > 4.18.5 packages for arm64 are available, but the Bookworm-backports
> > page doesn't list them ????
> Guys, please have some patience.
> Debian buildd network has limited resources, and there seems to be
> quite a few big uploads in recent days, so things aren't built
> instantly after the source upload.  It all will sort itself out soon.
> Different pages within debian update at different schedule, quite
> some of them are not generated at real time.
> /mjt

I thought about this after I posted the above and came to the same
conclusion, perhaps I should just have waited, sorry for the noise.


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