[Samba] Updating samba with bookworm-backports

Fabio Fantoni fabio.fantoni at m2r.biz
Thu Aug 17 10:18:17 UTC 2023

Il 17/08/2023 11:54, Matthias Kühne | Ellerhold Aktiengesellschaft via 
samba ha scritto:
> Hello Rowland,
> Ive got the same problem yesterday (missing arm64 packages for smbclient
> @ bookwork-bpo). But today this arch was added.
> Seems like the build system works in mysterious and wonderous ways (or
> maybe its just slow / overwhelmed by the amount of packages to be built) :)
> Have a nice day, Matthias.

2:4.18.5+dfsg-2~bpo12+1 was blocked in NEW queue (need to be reviewed by 
ftp-master the first version of any "new package", including first 
upload to backports or when there is new binary packages added) for long 
time and accepted only yesterday:



After accepted by ftp-master need to be build (each arch have its queue 
and build machines, don't run any arch at same time): 

and after build need to be uploaded to repository, it is not done 
immediately but it is an operation that is performed every 6 hours, if I 
remember correctly

and it is therefore these steps that can "delay" the presence in the 
official repositories

> Am 17.08.23 um 11:49 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:
>> On Thu, 17 Aug 2023 11:36:02 +0200
>> Luis Peromarta via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:
>>> According to :
>>> https://packages.debian.org/bookworm-backports/samba
>>> There seems to be backpports for all archs.
>>> Architecture 	Version 	Package Size 	Installed
>>> Size 	Files amd64 	2:4.18.4+dfsg-2~bpo12+1
>>> 929.3 kB	3,972.0 kB 	[list of files] armel
>>> 2:4.18.5+dfsg-2~bpo12+1 	835.3 kB	3,550.0 kB
>>> [list of files] armhf 	2:4.18.5+dfsg-2~bpo12+1 	854.2
>>> kB	3,102.0 kB 	[list of files] s390x
>>> 2:4.18.5+dfsg-2~bpo12+1 	854.2 kB	3,931.0 kB
>>> [list of files]
>> Not all arch's, Bullseye backports lists these:
>> amd64
>> arm64
>> armel
>> armhf
>> i386
>> mips64el
>> mipsel
>> ppc64el
>> s390x
>> The one I am interested in: 'arm64', isn't in bookworm-backports :-(
>> Rowland

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