[Samba] Updating samba with bookworm-backports

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Thu Aug 17 10:14:15 UTC 2023

17.08.2023 13:03, Kees van Vloten via samba wrote:
> Op 17-08-2023 om 11:58 schreef Rowland Penny via samba:
>> After what happened to Louis's repo, I am a bit wary of using an
>> external repo, you never know what will happen to the repo owner.

> Certainly true. There is a slight difference tough:
> MJT is the Debian maintainer, the packages in his repos are compiled of the official Debian salsa source and are the same packages as you find in sid 
> and experimental. It is just that there is a delay before they appear in backports. If you want to avoid that delay his repos are the place to be :-)
> If, for whatever reason, the repos disappear you can simply point your sources.list back to backports and get the same packages there.

I too recommend using debian infrastructure instead of my repository.

Sure thing, if you watch for stuff, you'll notice something and
act accordingly.  But the thing is that many people just put a
line into their /etc/apt/sources.list and move on, never bothered
to check anything.

At the very beginning, for a week or two, I had a different layout
in my repository, with distribution names like 2022-ubuntu-jammy,
but I quickly got tired of typing these long names and shortened
them just to "jammy" codenames.  Kept old names for compatibility
for a month or two, but dropped these later as well.  It was, iirc,
all in 2022.  Yet, to this date, systems from all around the world
keep asking for Release files in these long directories, constantly
getting 404 error. People just don't bother, - including for their
systems security.  That's the reason why I recommend official debian
archives instead of using external repositories.

Debian does not encourage usage of external repositories too.


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