[Samba] samba4.18.5 + debian 12 + ntpsec

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Wed Aug 9 17:44:50 UTC 2023

09.08.2023 20:41, Michael Tokarev пишет:
> 09.08.2023 20:26, Elias Pereira via samba пишет:
>> hello,
>> The wiki configuration for ntp does not work with this
>> configuration samba4.18.5 + debian 12 + ntpsec. At least for me, it didn't
>> work.
>> I had to remove the "notrap" and "mssntp" options so that the Windows
>> clients could synchronize with the DCs again.
>> # Access control
>> # Default restriction: Allow clients only to query the time
>> restrict default kod nomodify notrap nopeer limited mssntp

FWIW, I have:
  restrict default kod nomodify nopeer noquery limited

and it works.  I think it is the config which got copied from
bullseye /etc/ntp.conf.

and there's nothing about [no]trap in man ntp.conf. Hmm.


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