[Samba] Printers

Greg Sloop <gregs@sloop.net> gregs at sloop.net
Tue Aug 1 20:52:09 UTC 2023

We've used "local" printers up to now - but AD based printers are going to
likely be far easier to manage, etc.

So, I'm looking at setting up printers in AD.

What isn't clear (at least to me) is where to set these up.

If I setup one on a DC, then I assume it's only available on that DC while
it's up, right?
Our back-end file-shares are on a TrueNAS core server - so I can't put them
on it, at least easily.

Should I setup a dedicated AD-joined host for print-server duties?
(We're probably talking 30-50 printers.)

I'm glad to be pointed at a wiki page, if I missed one.
I started here:


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