[Samba] Default Samba version in Debian Bookworm

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Sun Apr 30 11:00:47 UTC 2023

30.04.2023 13:51, Rowland Penny via samba пишет:
>> My repositories are at least as good as debian backports,
>> just provide more options for the target OSes and versions.
>> The only possible issue is when I - for whatever reason -
>> will stop providing those archives, one have to switch to
>> something else, be it actual debian backports or someone
>> else's repository of a similar nature.
> Michael, I wasn't knocking your, or anyone's repo, I was just stating my preference. The problem with using an external repo is that, putting it 
> bluntly, the repo provider could fall under a bus tomorrow, it isn't likely to happen, but it could. Everyone thought that Louis would continue 
> providing his repo, but, sadly, that has now fallen by the wayside. For production you need to be totally sure that you can get support for any 
> packages that you use.

I didn't think you're knocking or anything, either.  This
is why I expressed my view this way: with any external
repo you have to monitor it some way, to know if it is
allive still, and be prepared to switch to something
else, this is exactly my point.  Especially these days
when things are much less stable than we all used to.

Debian had quite outdated samba for a few releases, and
no samba backports. So being "official" does not mean
anything either, unfortunately.


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