[Samba] Default Samba version in Debian Bookworm

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Sun Apr 30 10:23:22 UTC 2023

30.04.2023 13:04, Rowland Penny via samba пишет:
> I see nothing wrong with using Michaels repo for testing purposes, I just wouldn't use it in production. Not that there is likely to be anything wrong 
> with those Samba packages, it is just that you need to be 110% sure about ongoing support and sadly, look what happened with Louis's repo.

Please note: my repository has *exactly* the same packages
debian/ubuntu would have - I just rebuild the source for other
distributions, performing no changes whatsoever. Packages with
*exactly* the same set of upgrading procedures as used on debian
to upgrade from previous releases to adjust things here and there
from time to time (and with the same exact bugs too, if any).
So there will be no probs with upgrading from packages from my
repositories to more recent versions of samba packages provided
by future debian or ubuntu, - upgrade from those packages will
be supported. As long as any new samba maintainer in debian
will keep a possibility to upgrade to the next debian release,
which is essential for debian.

Louis also mostly followed this rule, but he had to do extra
source mods, and had to work based on a quite messy packages,
so there, upgrades weren't as smooth. Now, things are much
better and the previous bumpy road with samba in debian
hopefully left in the past, at least for some near future.

My repositories are at least as good as debian backports,
just provide more options for the target OSes and versions.
The only possible issue is when I - for whatever reason -
will stop providing those archives, one have to switch to
something else, be it actual debian backports or someone
else's repository of a similar nature.

The quality of packages and support provided is exactly the
same as debians. Since I update stuff in all places in
parallel, - I just run extra build script after making
an actual debian release, that's about it.


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