[Samba] Default Samba version in Debian Bookworm

Peter Milesson miles at atmos.eu
Fri Apr 28 19:17:29 UTC 2023

Hi folks,

I have tried to get some information about what Samba version will be 
the default one when Debian Bookworm gets released, but without luck. 
Will it be 4.17, or 4.18? Or even 4.19.x? Will there be Samba backports 
for Bookworm?

I saw a post from Michael Tokarev in this list a while ago, that there 
probably wont be a Samba 4.18 for Debian Bullseye. I also saw another 
post about integration between MS Azure and Samba, and that Samba 4.18 
will be much easier to integrate with MS Azure than previous Samba versions.

I'm planning a project with MS Azure integration and I'm trying to look 
a bit into the future. Samba has served us very well so far, and I'm 
very reluctant to give MS more than just a bare minimum of what is 
absolutely necessary, and leave the rest to Samba AD (nothing fancy or 
complex, just simple GPOs).

So investing in Debian Bullseye probably isn't the most future proof way 
forward. And I don't want to compile Samba myself, preferring to use 
official packages as much as possible.

I'm publishing this post here, as I'm not convinced I would get better 
information in a Debian forum.

I would be most grateful for some relevant information.

Best regards,


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