[Samba] shadow_copy2 working only on dirs?

Alexander Harm || ApfelQ alexander.harm at apfelq.com
Tue Apr 18 15:16:06 UTC 2023

Yes, I used Windows 10 to test this. I created a file > snapshot > modified file > snapshot > modified again > snapshot.

Parent dir shows previous versions including above snapshots, snapshot list of file (all files to be precise) is empty.


> On Tuesday, Apr 18, 2023 at 5:03 PM, David Disseldorp <ddiss at samba.org (mailto:ddiss at samba.org)> wrote:
> Hi Alexander,
> On Mon, 17 Apr 2023 08:19:59 +0200, Alexander Harm || ApfelQ via samba wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I did setup shadow_copy2 with BTRFS snapshots. While this works fine for directories Windows does not show any previous versions for files. I couldn’t find anything regarding this, only one other using complaining about this in the OMV forums. Is this expected behaviour?
> Assuming you're talking about the Windows Explorer Previous Versions UI,
> one thing to note is that only snapshots with unique file modification
> times will be shown in the previous versions list. Does it work as
> expected if you modify the file after each snapshot?
> Cheers, David

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